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Wade Schuman came to national attention when he was accused of racism and sexual harassment by former students of his that led to a 2016 lawsuit. One of Schuman’s students, who was originally from the Dominican Republic, claims that she was bullied by Schuman. He, for example, asked her if being late was a “Spanish thing,” and if she “wanted to  bring some Santeria people to do a chicken sacrifice for the long pose.”

Another former student and party to the lawsuit claimed that Schuman touched her inappropriately in front of other students, and made sexist remarks to her like “all women are bitches.” Apparently, complaints made by the students to the university administration were dismissed, with the Dean allegedly dismissing the situation as, “Wade being Wade.”[1]

In  a separate incident with the same student, Schuman allegedly grabbed her around the waist, telling her she was “kind of sexy.”Another party to the lawsuit argued that Schuman once threatened her boyfriend’s scholarship unless he “controlled” her conduct.[2] One of the complainants also claimed that the university administration cited an unknown rule to her that in order for Schuman to be fired he needed to be involved in at least three instances such as this, and offered her a tuition reimbursement instead which she called a “slap in the face.” The same student also alleged that, following her complaint, Schuman tried to intimidate her by entering an elevator she was in for no reason.[3]

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[3] Polden, J. (April 5, 2016). ‘All women are b*****s’: Manhattan arts professor accused of sexual harassment and racial bias by four former students who claim university ignored their complaints. Daily Mail. Retrieved from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3524776/All-women-b-s-Manhattan-arts-professor-accused-sexual-harassment-racial-bias-four-former-students-claim-university-ignored-complaints.html

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