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Prof. Levin has been accused of bigotry and white supremacy, with the Southern Poverty Law Center accusing him of rejecting “the very idea of equality – insisting that black, female, gay or disabled people are at best inferior to, and at worst parasites on straight, white, able-bodied men.” He has accused the black community in the U.S. of lacking concern for societal rules and structures.[1]

Levin was initially sanctioned for his comments in 1990 upon the widespread condemnation of articles he published wherein Levin argued that “it has been amply confirmed over the last several decades that on average, blacks are significantly less intelligent than whites.” Levin argued that it is this deficiency in intelligence, and not discrimination or poverty, that explains the lack of black representation in many academic fields.[2]

Levin has also argued that, “only Europeans have ever reached the level of intellectual abstraction necessary to pose such questions,” as to whether judgments of good and bad are discovered or invented. He links this issue as to “why conformity to universal rules is important to whites,” as “linked to another Caucasian specialty, the quest for scientific knowledge.”[3]

In October 1991, Levin won a legal dispute with his university, with the court ruling that, constitutionally speaking, CUNY could not legally investigate or discipline Levin.[4]

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  • Why Race Matters (1997)
  • Sexual Orientation and Human Rights (1999)

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