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Jason Jorjani is a self-identified ‘alt-right’ advocate who came to attention in September 2017 following the release of a video of a secret interview as part of a New York Times opinion piece. Jorjani, with renowned American white nationalist Richard Spencer and others, founded the Alt Right Corporation, an organization whose purpose is to establish ties and cooperation among alt-right groups in Europe and North America.

During the conversation with an undercover Swedish student, Jorjani described a near future where, due to the migration crisis, Europe would re-embrace fascism, and foresaw the return of concentration camps. He claimed that “we will have Europe, in 2050, where the bank notes have Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great. And Hitler will be seen like that, like Alexander, not like some weird monster who is unique in his oswn category – no, he is just going to be seen as a great European leader.”[1]

Jorjani’s writings and speeches have also contained anti-Semitic and Islamophobic rhetoric. He has, for example, “suggested that Yahweh and Allah were actually space aliens who enslaved their believers and tricked them into committing genocide.”[2]

Jorjani has also been placed at the National Policy Institute conference, where he met and befriended Richard Spencer, where attendees gave Nazi salutes as Spencer shouted “Hail Trump.”[3]

In the secretly recorded conversation, Jorjani also boasted about his contacts in the American government, claiming that “we had connections in the Trump administration – we were going to do things!” He followed by saying that “our original vision was the alt-right would become like a policy ground for the Trump administration,” and that Steve Bannon “was the interface.” A White House spokesperson, asked for a comment, said “we have no knowledge of any conversations or contact with this person.”[4]

A statement by the New Jersey Institute of Technology condemned Jorjani’s comments, saying that “the statements made by Mr. Jorjani in a video recently published by ‘The New York Times’ are repugnant and antithetical to our institution’s core values. We presently are conducting a review of this matter and will provide additional information as soon as that review is complete.”[5]




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