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Lawrence Brown is an outspoken advocate of black rights who came to attention when he argued that white people should deposit their money into the bank accounts of black people. In a May 2015 tweet, Brown posted that “white allies should deposit their unearned wealth in Black accounts or jump between Black people & police at EVERY opportunity.”[1]

Brown also uses social media to promote the notion that white police officers lack the “moral capacity” to know that “black lives matter,” and that “Fox News & conservative media are nothing more than the White Citizens’ Council of today. Their whole aim is to preserve white supremacy.”  He has also promoted anti-Israel content, posting on twitter that “no wonder Netanyahu went in w/the GOP-TP… They both use racism & apartheid to win votes.” He also argues that Jesus was the victim of a white supremacist lynching, writing in a 2015 post that “y’all realize that Jesus, the revolutionary bronzed-skin toned messiah, was hung from a tree (i.e. lynched) by the white Roman Empire, right?”[2]

[1] Heath, K. (June 5, 2015). Baltimore Professor: White People Need To Personally Give All Their Money To Black People. Louder With Crowder. Retrieved from https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/baltimore-professor-white-people-need-to-personally-give-all-their-money-to-black-people/

[2] The Liberty Standard. (Sept. 10, 2015). Morgan State Professor Lawrence Brown Calls GOP, Fox News, Breitbart White Supremacists, Says White Cops Lack Moral Capacity, More. retrieved from http://thelibertystandard.com/morgan-state-professor-lawrence-brown-calls-gop-fox-news-breitbart-white-supremacists-says-white-cops-lack-moral-capacity-more/

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