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Jessie Daniels was the source of significant controversy when, in October 2017, she posted a series of controversial, and since-deleted, tweets. Daniels, a self-proclaimed “internationally recognized expert on internet manifestations of racism,” wrote that “part of what I’ve learned is that the white nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy.” She argued that people “forming a white family,” and “having white children that you want what’s best for” merely perpetuates the cycles of racism, and is “part of the problem.”[1]

Daniels followed-up by tweeting against multi-racial families as well, writing “if you’re white + forming a family w/multiracial children + not dealing w/your own racism or systematic white supremacy, how’s that helping?” Daniels ultimately criticized the whole notion of family as a general concept, referring to an old “Marxist-feminist critique” that argues that the idea of family is “an inherently conservative force in society,” that relates to white supremacy. Daniels blamed the critique’s dwindling impact on the “marriage equality fight.”[2]

Daniels also suggested that white people disinherit their children when they die as a solution, tweeting, “White people: do you own your own home? When you die, where’s the wealth in that house going? If it’s your children, you’re reproducing [inequality],” and “ensur[ing] racial segregation continues.”[3] Daniels’ concerns extended to the “sacredness of the family,” writing that “there’s a whole ideological apparatus to justify how f-cking sacred the family is,” and that “until white people are ready to confront their own family’s racism [and] participation in systemic white supremacy, it’s not getting dismantled.”[4]


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