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Prof. Pogge is a prominent philosopher and ethicist who has a history of sexual assault allegations against him from former students dating back to the 1990’s when Pogge was teaching at Columbia University. The chair of Columbia’s philosophy department at the time, Prof. Larmore, was quoted by the Office for Civil Rights as saying Pogge “had written a series of sexually harassing emails to the student, and that there had also been some physical interaction between them.” The complaint also said that the Columbia administration had forbidden Pogge from entering the philosophy department building whenever the student had classes there.

Beyond that, he went unpunished. During his recruitment to Yale in 2007, members of the selection committee were quoted as saying they were aware of Prof. Pogge’s history, but that “I didn’t think it was my place to go searching for his history at Columbia. Everybody slips once. That was our attitude.”[1] In 2010, a Yale graduate named Fernanda Lopez Aguilar accused Pogge of sexually harassing her and then threatening to rescind her fellowship offer if she spoke about it. Among other things, Aguilar claims Pogge pressured her into sharing a hotel room with him at a conference, that he referred to her as “the Monica Lewinsky to his Bill Clinton,” and that he went behind her chair, pressed his erection against her back and grabbed her breast. In 2014, a Ph.D. student at a European university accused Pogge of suggesting career opportunities to her and other young women as a means of initiating a sexual relationship.[2]  

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