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Roumen Solov was accused in October 2016 of making disparaging and racist remarks to students in class. According to a Facebook post on the Commerce and Administration Student Association at the John Molson School of Business page, Solov told a student to “shut up,” and stating that “after World War II Jewish people immigrated to New York City and they got high education, but black people yet are not educated (sic).”[1]

Following the incident, a spokesperson for Concordia told Global News that “we’ve interviewed the students and the professor and he has been removed temporarily while we assess the situation.” Solov apparently “singled out the only black student in the room,” who reported that she felt “he was saying black people were lazy and not interested in education.”[2] According to the student who posted about the incident, Solov did this to prove his point, asking “how many black people were in the class and pointed out that only one black student was there.” He apparently also turned to a student who challenged him and said, “shut up, you are an ignorant and don’t ask me questions just do whatever I say.”[3]

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