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Maury Wiseman was accused of racism and anti-Native American bigotry following an in-class confrontation he had with a student in 2015. Wiseman allegedly claimed that he did not consider the term ‘genocide’ appropriate relative to U.S. settler and government actions against Native Americans. According to his former student Chiitaanibah Johnson, who is a Native American of Navajo and Maidu descent, Prof. Wiseman argued against using the word genocide because “genocide implies that it was on purpose and most native people were wiped out by European diseases.”[1]

Upon being challenged by Johnson with facts alluding to her points, Wiseman allegedly accused her of “hijacking” his lesson and of “making [him] sound like a racist and a bigot in [his] classroom,” and threatened to disenroll and expel Johnson from the course.[2] Following the incident, Johnson met with the university’s president, Robert S. Nelsen, who apparently told her that “his hands were basically tied” and that Wiseman was protected by his faculty’s labor union.”[3]

Following a month-long investigation, the university president determined that “neither side was at fault,” but that the school would take on additional measures to address the issues raised during the controversy, including the addition of a minor in genocide and Holocaust studies, training for both faculty and students on cultural sensitivity and student conduct.

Prof. Wiseman was not required to attend the training.[4]


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