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Saida Grundy drew harsh criticism in 2015 when she made a series of anti-white comments on social media, specifically referring to white males as a “problem population”. Among other things, Grundy Tweeted that “white masculinity isn’t a problem for America’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges.”[1] She has also blamed the white population for all slavery, posting, “deal with your white sh*t, white people. Slavery is a *Y’ALL* thing.”[2]

In response to a post on Facebook where a white rape victim spoke out against Grundy, leading to a heated exchange, Grundy ultimately retorted by saying, “go cry somewhere else. Since that’s what you do,” and “am I mocking her tears or am I saying that her tears are meaningless displays of emotions because they don’t reflect at ALL an intention to understand the issue from the perspective (sic) of women of color or queer women.”[3]

In 2008, Grundy was charged with felony identity theft after making a fake account for a woman on the adult website fling.com. The fake ad contained images of a woman who was dating the same man Grundy was also involved with. She reportedly got the photos after gaining access to the man’s email account. Grundy ultimately pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of malicious use of a telecommunications service, and she remained on probation until 2009.[4]  

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