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Prof. Grodner came to attention when a former student filed a lawsuit against her claiming she repeatedly endured anti-Islamic insults and comments by Grodner. The student, Sahna ElBanna, alleged that she was humiliated in front of her classmates, and feared that any objection to Prof. Grodner would negatively affect her grade, “knowing the college discouraged students from contradicting an instructor.”[1]

According to the lawsuit, during the Spring 2016 semester class that ElBanna attended, Grodner said that “All Muslims were terrorists,” and when challenged, responded by claiming “doesn’t your religion believe men are superior to women,” and “do you even pray five times a day?”[2] The lawsuit also claims that ElBanna received an ‘’F” in Grodner’s class, despite receiving two “A’s” on assignments worth 60% of her grade. Her lawyer has pointed out that ElBanna’s grade could delay her graduation and force her to pay to redo the course as a result.

The College is allegedly investigating the complaint.[3]

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