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Prof. Matusitz was accused of promoting anti-Muslim ideology when, in a 2013 lecture, Matusitz said “why do so many Muslims relative to other religions want to kill us? The answer is easy. Very easy. It’s seven letters: culture.” Responding to the criticism that followed, Matusitz claimed that his problem is with “Muslims who want to impose radical Islam and Shariah on our lens,” and questioned “when was the last time you heard a cultured Muslim say on TV, ‘I am against Muslim law?” He argued that “if cultured Muslims do not support Shariah, then they need to express it.”[1]

According to excerpts from some of Matusitz’ seminars, he also claimed that “England welcomed Muslims and had to say yes to polygamy and honor killings,” and that Muslims are taught to hate “from the cradle until you are an adult.”[2] Matusitz was also recorded claiming that “when my colleagues tell me that Islam is a religion of peace, I tell them that Islam is a religion of pieces – piece of body here, piece of body there.”[3]

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