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Prof. Hilton was accused of espousing and promoting anti-LGBT discrimination in 2010. A university student who was organizing a gay and lesbian film festival wanted faculty support, and reached out to Hilton. In his response, Hilton wrote “I decry attempts to legitimize (homosexuals’) addictions and compulsions. These, our fellow humans, deserve our best efforts to help them recover their lives. We only hurt them further when we choose to pretend that these walking wounded are OK the way they are, that their present injuries are the best they can hope for in life.”[1]

In communicating with the student, Hilton stated “I urge you to reconsider your plan,” claiming that “homosexual behavior damages its participants, their loved ones, and the communities that sanction it.”[2]

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[2] Lussenhop, J. (October 15, 2015). Professor Tom Hilton sends anti-gay message to student. City Pages. Retrieved from http://www.citypages.com/news/professor-tom-hilton-sends-anti-gay-message-to-student-6540615

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