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Robert Lopez is a conservative commentator, anti-gay activist and avowed “ex gay.” In a July 2014 speech to the Stanford Anscombe Society, Lopez argued that he could not support same-sex marriage because it is a “tidal wave” that has “swept up children.” He has accused “a very powerful gay lobby that has a lot of money” of seeking to cover up the realities of life for LGBT individuals.[1]

He has accused the LGBT rights movement of becoming “an engine of world-historical evil,” equating it with “cultural genocide once used against blacks and Indians.” Lopez has also argued that same-sex parenting is “creepy gay child abuse masquerading as gay rights,” and compared gay parents to slave owners, accusing them of being “selfish and abusive in the way you put forth fraudulent arguments to justify the sale of human chattel and give over to modern slavery in the name of gay liberation.”[2]

Students accused Lopez of discrimination and threatening their learning environment, to which Lopez responded “it’s made it so that I can’t relate to my students – I can’t trust them.”[3] Lopez has since retired from his position.

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