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John C McAdams is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Marquette University. In November 2014, McAdams reportedly wrote a blog accusing a teaching assistant in philosophy of shutting down a classroom conversation on gay marriage based on her own political beliefs. McAdams said that in the “politically correct world of academia, one is supposed to assume that all victim groups think the same way as leftist professors. Certain groups have the privilege of shutting up debate,” he adds. “Things thought to be ‘offensive’ to gays, blacks, women and so on must be stifled. At the same time, academe is a free fire zone where straight white males are concerned.”  (1)

These comments were viewed by students and others as misogynistic and anti the LGBTQ community.

On December 12, 2014, McAdams was placed on indefinite academic leave from Marquette University and was suspended from all teaching and faculty duties, banned from campus but still retained his pay and benefits.  (2)

A  letter from Marquette University indicated that the firing was the result of his violating student privacy and deliberately publishing students’ names and information to target them for harassment at least three times.  Because he had done so in the third instance, despite previously acknowledging that posting student names was a matter of concern, the university was extremely tough in their decision. (3)

Critics of Marquette University cited the stripping of the tenure of Professor McAdams as silencing free speech and debate. (4)

1 Scott Jaschik, 10 February 2015, Inside Higher Ed, Firing a Professor Over a Blog Post


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