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Prof. Herriot came to attention for her bias against transgender rights when, in 2016 during the national conversation on what toilet facilities transgender students should be given access to in public schools, she entered into a heated argument with Democratic U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren. In Heriot’s written statement on the issue, she argued against the legitimacy of transsexuals’ gender identification, writing “We are teaching young people a terrible lesson. If I believe that I am a Russian princess, that doesn’t make me a Russian princess, even if my friends and acquaintances are willing to indulge my fantasy…”[1]

In response, Lofgren stated that, “we allow witnesses to say offensive things, but I cannot allow that kind of bigotry to into the record unchallenged.”[2] Heriot subsequently added that, “very few actual transgender individuals are confused in this way. They understand perfectly that their sex and their gender do not align.”[3]

Heriot is also a proponent of the controversial and disputed “mismatch theory,” wherein she believes that “racial preferences in admissions do not do a favor to African Americans. We would have more black scientists, engineers and physicians if colleges used more race-neutral policies.”[4]

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