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Omid Safi is an outspoken supporter of the BDS movement. For example, in response to a program that sends American Muslims to Israel to meet with Jewish, Muslim and Christian residents across the country as part of the Muslim Leadership Institute, (a program of the Shalom Hartman Institute), Safi co-authored a petition condemning the initiative. Among other things, the petition claims the program is “part of the Hasbara Israeli propaganda operation,” and is, “deliberately designed… to make Muslims more sympathetic to Zionism, and to present an anti-BDS perspective.” It concludes by stating that, “to engage the occupier without sitting down in solidarity with the occupied first is politically delusional, morally misguided, and ethically callous.”[1]

Safi has also engaged in conceptual “Holocaust inversion,” which is used to describe Jews, Zionists or Israelis as behaving like Nazis, or as culpable for genocidal crimes. Safi, for example, falsified a blog post entitled “Zionist Atrocities at the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, 65 years ago… and today,” related to Israel’s 1948 treatment of Palestinians at Deir Yassin, by illustrating it with a photograph that was actually taken from Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

The U.S. State Department, in its report on Contemporary Global anti-Semitism, explained this practice as a “kind of Holocaust denial or trivialization.”[2] Safi has similarly posted online, in response to Operation Protective Edge in 2014, that it represented “state sponsored terrorism. State sponsored murder.”[3]     

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