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Prof. Tadiar is an outspoken leader within the BDS movement, and a signatory to multiple BDS petitions (including those from USACBI, ASA, SJP and JVP). As part of her role as a co-editor of the Social Text Journal, she regularly publishes pro-BDS articles and opinions. In discussing a ‘Periscope dossier on Palestine’ that Social Text published, organized by USACBI, Tadiar praised the movement’s momentum in, “propelling and marking what is undoubtedly a growing and vigorous international movement of solidarity with the struggle of Palestinians against the conditions of settler colonialism and apartheid they are forced to endure, if they are to survive at all.”[1]

In a statement on behalf of the USACBI delegation to Palestine, Prof. Tadiar argued that “Israel maintains a singular aim to purify the Jewish state by substantially reducing or transferring Palestinian life beyond its wall and borders,” and that “many Israeli academic institutions are directly involved in violations of Palestinian human rights and international law… in the service of Israel’s apartheid policies.”[2]

In a separate article written about why the Palestinian question is a feminist concern, Prof. Tadiar falsely argued that Israel operates a system of legalized racial discrimination, segregation, human devaluation and dispossession, and that Israelis are committing an ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.[3]

[1] Tadiar, N. X. M.m (Nov. 15, 2016). Solidarity and Radical Change. Social Text Online. Retrieved from http://socialtextjournal.org/periscope_article/solidarity-and-radical-change/

[2] Tadiar, N. X. M., (July 24, 2012). Statement of USACBI Delegation to Palestine. Social Text Online. Retrieved from http://socialtextjournal.org/periscope_article/statement-of-usacbi-delegation-to-palestine/

[3] Tadiar, N. X. M., (Jan. 27, 2012). Why the Questions of Palestine is a Feminist Concern. Feminist Wire. Retrieved from http://thefeministwire.com/2012/01/why-the-question-of-palestine-is-a-feminist-concern/

Associated Organizations:

: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS); Social Text Journal (co-editor); US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI - Advisory Board member); American Studies Association (ASA)

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Prof Tadiar is the Chair of the Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies Department

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