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Mazen Adi has been an adjunct member of the Rutgers faculty since 2015. Prior to that, he was a Syrian diplomat for nearly 17 years, and represented President Bashar Assad’s regime throughout the country’s civil war. Upon initial reports of Adi’s employment, Rutgers officials asserted that its “faculty members enjoy the same freedoms of speech and expression as any other individual in this country.”[1] According to Rutgers, Adi was hired due to “his expertise in international law and diplomacy, and other fields.”

The international monitoring group UN Watch, in petitioning Rutgers against Adi’s employment, argued that “while serving as a Syrian delegate and legal advisor at the UN, Mr. Adi systematically acted as an apologist for the mass murder committed by the Assad regime against his own people, helping Syria win impunity at the UN to conduct continued war crimes.”[2] UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer, addressing Adi’s employment, asserted that “it ought to be a matter of profound concern that an American university would allow an apologist for the Syrian regime’s genocide to be a teacher.” Neuer went on to describe how, “when the United Nations debated Syria’s culpability for bombing its own people, Mazen Adi said that Syrian authorities ‘upheld all their legal and judicial responsibilities.’”

Examples of statements made by Adi during his tenure with the Assad regime include arguing that the “Syrian government is more concerned than anyone else for its own people,” and that Syria is a “trailblazer in standing up to international terrorism.” He has also taken part in incitement against Israel, claiming that “international gangs led by some Israeli religious figures are now trafficking children’s organs,” and that Israel “systematically targeted civilians,” and “murdered children and the elderly.”[3]

A former student of Adi’s who spoke to The Algemeiner claimed that “the former diplomat defended Palestinian terrorism in class as a legitimate form of ‘resistance’ to Israeli occupation.”[4]

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