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Throughout his career, Prof. El Fadl has enjoyed a privileged status in the academic community. He served as President George W. Bush’s appointee to the Commission on International Religious Freedom, was a consultant to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, advised many major law firms and wrote for multiple prestigious publications.

In 1995, for exmaple, he provided sworn testimony in support of Mousa Muhammed Abu Marzook, a top Hamas official. Additionally, in line with other Islamists, he firmly believes that Muslims should live according to Shari’a law. He has repeatedly argued against associations between Muslims and terrorism, and financially contributed to, and publicly defended, the Holy Land Foundation, a “charitable organization” that was shut down in 2001 for collecting money used to support Hamas.[1]


[1] Pipes, D. (2004). Stealth Islamist: Khaled Abou El Fadl. Daniel Pipes Middles East Forum. Retrieved from http://www.danielpipes.org/1841/stealth-islamist-khaled-abou-el-fadl

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