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Prof. Massad is known for his anti-Israel bias, and was a signatory to the Columbia University Apartheid Divest petition.[1] He, for example, claimed that during World War Two, Zionist leaders worked together with the Nazis, seeing “an opportunity to strengthen its colonization of Palestine.” He furthermore asserts that Zionism could only be realized through a colonial-settler project, and that “Zionist leaders consciously recognized that state anti-Semitism was essential to their colonial project.”[2]

As far back as 2005, Massad was already implicated by a faculty panel at Columbia investigating charges of intimidation of students by Pro-Palestinian professors.[3] Notably, Massad wrote an article in 2013 entitled ‘The Last of the Semites’ that was so controversial, Al Jazeera, who originally ran the article, removed it from their website before ultimately returning it with a note from the editor. Though not objectively different from his many articles employing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tones, this one received the most attention. He, for example, asserts that Zionism shared the same “solution” to the Jewish Question that anti-Semites had always advocated, being the expulsion of Jews from Europe. He continues to argue that “the only remaining ‘Semites’ who are fighting against Zionism and its anti-Semitism today are the Palestinian people.”[4]

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