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George Bisharat is an original signatory to the statement by Middle East Scholars and Librarians calling for the boycott of Israeli institutions.[1] He further clarified his opinions on the subject in an article he wrote, stating that, “U.S. enabling of Israel, particularly in its colonial expansion into the West Bank, has voided the two-state option and fostered a single functioning state there in which only Jews enjoy relative security, prosperity, and full political rights, while Palestinians suffer gradations of oppression.”[2] He advocates against a two-state solution, saying, “the main obstacle to a single-state solution is the belief that Israel must be a Jewish state. Jim Crow laws and South African apartheid were similarly entrenched virtually until the eves of their demise.”[3] Moreover, Bisharat asserts that, “Israel has subjected Palestinians to torture, assassinations, lengthy detentions without trial, home demolitions, banishments, curfews, school closures, restrictions on freedom of movement and other violations of human rights.”[4]

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