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Roberts is a well-known and outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Following the 2010 Gaza Flotilla raid, Roberts tweeted against what he called “Jewish elites.” In separate posts Roberts wrote, “its [sic] crucial for the public to realize that NBC/MSNBC, The NYTimes, US News &World Report, & the NY Daily News are all owned by Jewish elites,” and that “speaking out against Israel’s massacre & Jewish elites’ monopoly of the American free press is not anti-Semitic.”[1]

In June 2016, when challenged on Twitter to acknowledge the anti-Semitic tone of his tweets, Roberts responded by saying “I stand by the statement. And all other statements of fact. Will not be shamed into your racist agenda.”[2]

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[2] Pagano, J.P. (June 24, 2016). Twitter. Retrieved from https://twitter.com/johnpaulpagano/status/746523318040301568/photo/1

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Black Lives Matter; For Freedom’s Sake (founder and director); National Black Justice Coalition (co-founder)

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Susanne Wofford, Dean of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU

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