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Prof. Emeritus Virginia Abernethy has an established reputation as a white supremacist and anti-immigration advocate, and has a history of significant associations with white supremacist organizations such as the America Third Party and the Council of Conservative Citizens. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Abernethy “is fond of manipulating environmental and population data to suit her white separatist agenda.” Abernethy has herself argued that it is “factually untrue that I am a supremacist. I am an ethnic separatist, which means respecting preferences to be with whomever one wishes.” Her ‘American Third Position’ platform, under which she ran for Vice President in the 2012 elections, was to “return to Americans their traditional right of freedom of association, including voluntary racial separation…”[1]

Abernethy maintains an anti-immigration position based on what she considers “rampant racial discrimination against European-Americans.” Her 2012 running mate Merlin Miller dismissed criticism of Abernethy as an attack by the “Zionist power background, including mainstream media, which is controlled by Zionist influences…” She is referred to by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “full-fledged professor of hate.”[2]

In a blog post, Abernethy argued that “those who advocate continued mass immigration choose the path of national suicide,” and has been deemed an “unabashed white supremacist” by the Anti Defamation League.[3]

In a response to to a USA Today article that referred to Abernethy as a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi, Abernethy responded by arguing that neither she nor her associates identify as such, instead she argued that, “they are American patriots.”[4]


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Associated Organizations:

American Freedom Party/Amerian Third Position (2012 election VP candidate); American Association for the Advancement of Science; The Occidental Quarterly (advisory board); Carrying Capacity Network (board of directors); Population-Environment BALANCE; Council of Conservative Citizens.

Departmental Contact

Jeffrey Balser, Dean of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


  • Population pressure and cultural adjustment (1978)
  • Population Politics (1993)
  • The Vanishing American Dream: Immigration, Population, Debt, Scarcity (2016)

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