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Mike Adams is an outspoken conservative, pro-life and pro First Amendment professor who made headlines beginning in 2015 for harrassing a black queer Muslim student at UNCW on Facebook. Nada Merghani, a Sudanese refugee, was a 17 year old freshman at the time that Adams began posting comments about her like, “the only thing more disgusting than a jihadist Muslim is a pro-choice Muslim,” and that Merghani was bringing a “Queer Muslim Jihad” to the campus.

Adams’ social media accounts contain multiple posts advocating against gay, lesbian, transgender and queer people. He, for example, likens same-sex marriage to “rape,” and has called trans people “mentally ill,” asserting that “any doctor willing to help with gender-reassignment surgery should be charged with mutilating a mentally ill person.” Adams’ harassment ultimately led to Merghani leaving the school.[1]

Adams has also tweeted messages such as “when someone kills a cop you know his last words were probably either ‘Allahu Akbar’ or ‘Black Lives Matter,’” and “FB shut down my account for posting the following: ‘Gay couples do not deserve equal benefits because they do not equally benefit society.”[2] In a 2009 article written by Adams, he warned students registered for his upcoming semester not to mention their LGBTQ status, holding that “the simple awareness of the presence of gays in my classes offends me… just shut up and comply with the rule.” Adams defends the tone of his message towards the end of the article by claiming it’s merely political satire but immediately goes on to argue that that point was lost on the LGBTQ community who protested the letter’s writing.[3]

Finally, also in 2009, following the beating of two gay men that left them unconscious, police began investigating the attack as a hate crime. In response to the beatings and investigation, Adams wrote a letter to the Town Hall website arguing that, “there will never be a shortage of people who choose lifestyles that make them more susceptible to violence than others. It isn’t the job of the government to protect these people.”[4]


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