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Prof. Duchesne was accused of promoting racist, anti-Asian and anti-immigrant ideology when, in 2015, he sent the only Chinese members of the Vancouver city council a blog post he’d written about white guilt.[1] In it, Duchesne laments “efforts to create a nation in which the historic White majority population is obligated to accept a multiracial nation where the role of Whites as the founders of Canada will be marginalized.”[2]

Responding to the blog, one of the councilmen, Kerry Jang, launched a complaint against Duchesne, claiming the professor’s comments constituted hate speech. According to Jang, “he [Duchesne] was drawing comparisons to say Hong Kong and Japan, its teeming dirty cities and things like that – saying all Asians are dirty.” Duchesne went further, accusing immigration of destroying the fabric of western culture. He claimed, for example, that prior to immigration “Sweden had practically no rape. Suddenly, they open their borders, they have one of the highest rape statistics in the world.”[3]

Duchesne’s website, EuroCanadian, warns of “reimagining the history of Canada in such a way that white Europeans are portrayed as oppressors and non-whites as victims with the goal of taking Canada away from the Europeans and transforming the nation into a multicultural and multiracial society.”[4]

Following an investigation, the university stood by Duchesne, with Vice President Robert Mackinnon arguing that “academic freedom is a foundational principle of university life,” which “may be perceived as controversial and unpopular.”[5]


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