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George Borjas has established a reputation as “the most prestigious economist who thinks that immigration is a disaster for native workers.” He has been accused of manipulating data and selectively focusing on specific population samples in order to arrive at his conclusions.[1]

In his latest book We Wanted Workers, Borjas describes open-borders advocates as “utopians and ideologues.” Despite being a Cuban immigrant himself, Borjas “continually alludes to vague threats immigrants pose without substantiating them.” In a blog post on his site, Borjas praised Milo Yiannopoulos’ “insightful take” on immigration in his Breitbart column wherein it was written that “the test will apply to all immigrants, yet its obvious target is Muslims, who, as we know, get a bit bomby in the presence of gays, a bit rapey in the presence of women who wear skirts shorter than their ankles and generally a bit hostile and violent around anyone who doesn’t have their bum in the air five times a day.”[2]

[1] Frum, D. (Jan. 19, 2016). The Great Immigration-Data Debate. The Atlantic. Retrieved from https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/01/the-great-immigration-data-debate/424230/

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