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Dan Demetriou came to attention in February 2017 when he posted anti-immigrant and anti-refugee content on his Facebook. In his post, Demetriou argued that, “100% of illegal immigrants lower the confidence in the rule of law and add people and workers and students we don’t need. They on average have IQs lower than natives and low skills. They are harmful to an economy about to automate, especially when it is a welfare state.” He continued by claiming that by comparison to immigrants, refugees are “way worse, as most adhere to religious-political cults with repulsive values at war with the West from its inception. No country who has taken the current crop of refugees has made it work.” He completed his post by asserting “what an insult to our kids, our educators, to suggest for a moment that a 20 yr [sic] old, raised in rubble and taught to hate you, gays, Christians, Jews, women’s rights, and western liberalism would be as good an American as your kid.”[1]

In response to his post, students and faculty from the University of Minnesota Morris initiated a teach-in to support immigrants and refugees. A Morris associate professor who organized the teach-in explained it by saying “hopefully we can pull together as a community and refute these outright lies.”[2] Defending his post and position on his website, Demetriou lamented that his post was “distributed without my consent by some colleagues,” and that he was merely expressing himself “in my private social sphere.”[3]

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