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Prof. Jensen has established an academic career espousing radical, Marxist and controversial anti-American ideologies. Following the 9/11 attacks, for example, Jensen responded by claiming that “this act was no more despicable as the massive acts of terrorism – the deliberate killing of civilians for political purposes – that the U.S. government has committed during my lifetime. For more than five decades throughout the Third World, the United States has deliberately targeted civilians or engaged in violence so indiscriminate that there is no other way to understand it except terrorism.”[1]

He also endorsed the characterization of 9/11 victims as “little Eichmanns,” referred to the U.S. setbacks in Iraq as a “defeat for an Empire” and lamented the “unconditional U.S. support for Israel’s illegal and brutal occupation of Palestinian land.”[2]

Jensen has also come under fire from colleagues in the academic community. A 2003 Cybercast News Service report accused Jensen of using his “Critical Issues in Journalism” class as “a forum for indoctrinating students into socialism and for denouncing white privilege.”[3]

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[2] Jensen, R. (Feb. 14, 2005). Ward Churchill: Right to Speak Out; Right About 9/11. Counter Punch. Retrieved from http://www.counterpunch.org/2005/02/14/ward-churchill-right-to-speak-out-right-about-9-11/

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NoWar Collective; Third Coast Activist Resource Center (founding member); Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

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