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Michael Berube is an Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Literature at Pennsylvania State University, where he teaches American literature, disability studies, and cultural studies. He is the author of several books on cultural studies, disability rights, liberal and conservative politics, and debates in higher education.

Berube has faced allegations from colleagues that his classes have “become less about literature and that Bérubé believes “religious people were to be regarded as simply irrational.” (1)

Berube has been accused by colleagues of being inauthentic on his attempts to “stand up for the oppressed” and unprofessional in his conduct. There are further allegations that he focuses on being more of an “academic celebrity” and in doing so discriminates against those with dissenting opinions (2).

Berube also stands accused of trolling and bullying fellow academic, Rebecca Schuman (3)

After the election of US President Donald Trump, Berube penned a letter to the the University of Pennsylvania (Penn State) stating that supporters of President Trump were “not vulnerable to the kinds of harassment and physical threats– ranging from personal violence to calls for deportation– that are already terrorizing women, gays and lesbians, Muslims, people with disabilities, and people of color”(4) yet his colleagues have criticized him for discriminating against those who have dissenting opinions.

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