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Prof. Berry is an outspoken admirer of Maoism, and has publicly criticized the U.S. press for printing “false” reports about the Chinese system. She is a staunch supporter of racial quotas, and “has described family planning clinics in inner cities as an effort at genocide of blacks.” Furthermore, she has claimed that “absent affirmative action, colleges and universities would be dominated by almost nothing but Jews and Asians.”[1]

She views capitalism as an inherently unjust system that feeds American racism. Writing on the subject in 1991, Berry claimed that “because capitalism requires inequality, the only real question is who will be the repositories of the inequality. To date, black people have disproportionately been those repositories.” Following President Bush’s dismissal of Prof. Berry as the Chair of the Commission on Civil Rights in 2001, it was written that, “few government officials in the nation’s history have managed to hold on to power for so long or wielded it as autocratically and in pursuit of such radical aims as has Dr. Berry.”[2]


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U.S. Civil Rights Commission (former chair)

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