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Prof. Foster is a Marxist who holds firm beliefs on the “socialization of nature.” In a 2004 interview with Monthly Review, for which he acts as editor, Foster lamented the “kinds of environmental problems that… are endemic to capitalism,” arguing that natural resources should be the property of the government.[1] In another piece for Monthly Review in 2005, Foster argued that “it is now rational… to consider the possibility of the ecological collapse of global capitalist society,” and that “the problem is capitalism,” and “the only solution … is socialism.”

Foster went on to lament the fall of the Soviet Union in the environment’s degradation, “in the sense that there were now seemingly no obstacles to the universalization of capitalism.”[2] Foster has also blamed the “global production system” of capitalism for “climate change, species extinction… ozone depletion… and chemical use.” Foster argues the only solution is ecological and social planning that “coincides with the classical objectives of socialism.”[3]

[1] Foster, J.B., Soron, D. (Nov. 2004). Ecology, Capitalism, and the Socialization of Nature: An Interview with John Bellamy Foster. Monthly Review, 56(6). Retrieved from https://monthlyreview.org/2004/11/01/ecology-capitalism-and-the-socialization-of-nature/

[2] Foster, J.B. (March, 2005). The End of Rational Capitalism. Monthly Review, 56(10). Retrieved from https://monthlyreview.org/2005/03/01/the-end-of-rational-capitalism/

[3] Foster, J.B. (Oct. 29, 2011). Capitalism and Environmental Catastrophe. MR Online. Retrieved from https://mronline.org/2011/10/29/foster291011-html/

Associated Organizations:

Monthly Review Foundation; Union of Radical Political Economics; American Sociological Association; The World Forum for Alternatives (Vice-President).

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Prof. Ellen Scott, Head of the Sociology Department

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