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James Holstun uses his position to forward his Marxist and anti-Israel beliefs. He has acknowledged that his, “work is generally Marxist, and I think Marxist theory and political practice are more relevant now than ever, given the global dominance of the capitalist mode of production and American imperialism.” He has also been a signatory to multiple anti-Israel petitions and boycotts, including “UB Faculty and Staff for Peace,” and “Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.”[1]

Holstun has regularly taught courses on Palestinian literature over the years, and always frames them within his anti-Israel bias. According to Holstun, the years since the formation of the State of Israel “have been an unrelieved disaster for the proletarian Palestinians, who have been occupied and exiled by the powerful capitalist Jewish nation.” In his course syllabus he writes, “we will focus on Palestinian culture and society since Al-Nakbah (The Catastrophe) of 1948, during which Zionists drove 700,000 Palestinians from their homes.”[2]

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Graduate Group of Marxist Studies (GGMS – faculty advisor); Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

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Cristanne Miller, Chair of the English Department

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