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Deepa Kumar is outspoken about her anti-Israel bias. In a 2014 interview following the outbreak of Operation Protective Edge, she argued against the portrayal of Palestinians, especially Hamas, as “this suicide organization that’s been responsible for using human shield[s].” She claims that such framing is derived from a propaganda handbook called ‘The Israel Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary,’ in which there are step by step instructions about how Israeli spokespeople should talk about civilian casualties in Gaza. She goes on to define Israel as a settler-colonial state and therefore excuses all Palestinian violence as self-defense.[1]

Furthermore, in a 2009 article written by Kumar entitled ‘Behind the Myths about Hamas,’ she contends, among other things, that Hamas is not anti-Semitic and that their struggle is “against Zionists and Zionism, and not Jews and Judaism.”[2] Khan is equally active on social media, regular posting anti-Israel and anti-American content on her profiles. She, for example, notably posted in 2015 that, “Yes ISIS is brutal, but US is more so, 1.3 million killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”[3]

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