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Christine Fair made headlines when, following the election of President Trump, she went on a month-long online rant against a former friend and academic who voted for him. Asra Q. Nomani, a “lifelong liberal,” wrote an article about voting for Trump as a Muslim immigrant. What followed was series of aggressive posts on social media. Fair, for example, wrote “Yes. @AsraNomani I’ve written you off as a human being. Your vote helped normalize Nazis in DC. What don’t you understand, you clueless dolt?”[1]

Fair made an open post on Facebook telling Nomani to “F**k off and go to hell,” while also sending a private message threatening legal action.[2]  Nomani also claimed that Fair called her “‘chutiya,’ or the equivalent of a ‘f**ker’ in my native Urdu. And ‘bevkuf’, another Urdu word meaning ‘idiot’.” Fair also posted that Nomani had previously admitted to being an atheist, which, in response, Nomani alleged that “being called an atheist amounts to being an apostate in Islam, something that has carried a death sentence for atheists in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere,” adding that Fair was aware of this fact, and that “I am a Muslim woman whom Prof. Fair has targeted for attack, using my race, religion and political views against me.”[3]

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