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Bruce Cumings has established a reputation as “America’s leading leftist historian on Korean history.” As a student at Columbia university he became a member of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars (CCAS), a since-discredited organization that believed “the Communist Party of China had not only solved the problems of China but that of humankind as well; and that Communist China should be regarded as a model not just for developing nations, but also the United States.”[1]

Cumings is an ardent supporter of North Korea and its ruling regime, and is equally critical of the US. In his opinion, “American attitudes towards Korea are racist. The Korean War, in turn, was a U.S. war of aggression that amounted to a holocaust for the Korean people.” Cumings is also of the opinion that it is the US, not North Korea, that must compromise on nuclear weapons negotiations.[2]

In his 2004 book North Korea: Another Country, Cumings compares the country to a utopia, and defended the regime’s gulags, arguing that they “aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be, because Kim Jong Il is thoughtful enough to lock up whole families at a time.”[3]

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